Permanent 301 Redirect Setup in .htaccess

Redirect old domain to new domain

Force Redirect to NON-www version

Force Redirect to WWW version

Redirect from HTTPS to HTTP

Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

Redirect files with certain extension

Redirect Individual Files

Considering Two Situations

  1. Redirecting File within the same domain
  2. Redirect File to Another Domain

Redirect File within the Same Domain

Redirect File to Another Domain

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WordPress Robots.txt Sample

WordPress Robots.txt

Adding Sitemaps to WordPress Robots.txt

Allowing all Bots

  • Allowing any Bots to Crawl

Not Allowing any Bots

  • Not Allowing any Bots to Crawl

Block a Folder

Block a File

 Block a page and/or a directory named private

Block All Sub Folders starting with private

Block URL’s end with

Block URL’s which includes Question Mark (?)

Block a File Type

Block all Paginated pages which don’t have “?”  » Read more about: WordPress Robots.txt Sample  »

Cross Domain Tracking [ Google Analytics ]

Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics is for tracking a Visitor across different domains


Tracking the same visitor navigating across

  1. Various Domain names
  2. Various Sub Domains
  3. http and https of the same/different domain
  4. 3rd Party Shopping Carts
  5. IFrame


( Example )

Consider two domains :

  1. : Primary Domain
  2. : Secondary Domain

Primary Domain

Secondary Domain

Three  or More Domains


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SEO Cannibalisation

SEO Cannibalisation is a process of Consolidating many similar pages which dilutes SEO Value, in to a single page.

Similar Pages

  • Many Pages with Exactly Similar Page Titles
  • Many Pages with content targeting the same keyword

Reason for SEO Cannibalisation

Have too many similar pages?

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